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RNDr. Martin Calábek

Work Experience

Self-employed (Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2009 - Present)

I'm developing and troubleshooting dynamic web pages for Orgrez Brno (HTML, ASP.NET, C#, SQL).

In recent years I undertook a firmware project for AMit Prague - boiler regulator AREKO with rather rich features (C). It finally went into serial production in 2008 (currently used in pellet boiler manufactured by Viadrus).

Ericsson Systems Expertise (Athlone, Republic of Ireland, 2000 - 2008)

Mobile Networks Programmer

As a Senior Designer I was part of quite a few projects during my 8 years in Ericsson. The very first was a test harness and test subsystem for Frame Handler (RoseRT, C++). Then I took part in the RNC project, first as a member of the team that managed the transfer from Sweden to Ireland and then as a team leader of the UeH (User Equipment Handling) subsystem (OTD, C++). I was the principal programmer of the Security Activation module (Java), then worked on rather boring administrative scripts for couple of years (Python). I spent about a year fixing and upgrading the Ericsson Backup Solution framework (finally something close to real-time control!) (C). I spent my last years in the team implementing a new platform library for Ericsson's OSE (Java).

ASE (Ostrava, 1995 - 1999)

Database Systems Programmer

I developed and maintained systems for automatic administration and access control using chip-cards, mostly for the mining industry with extreme stress on data safety (FoxPro, Clipper, Delphi).

There was actually a spin-off too: system for catering company in a power station with electronic payments, chip-cards again (FoxPro).

Self-employed (Czech Republic, 1991 - 1994)

I spent several years developing number of applications and supporting hardware for the Department of Military Hygiene at University of Hradec Králové; automated measurement and analysis of physiological data: tremometry, stabilometry, EKG and EEG analysis, spirometry etc. (assembler, Turbo Pascal, C).

PC applications for the same institution: custom databases of result and further data processing (Turbo Pascal, C).

I taught Turbo Pascal, C, Assembler for several companies.

I developed control systems for disco lighting and firmware for all the individual appliances (assembler, C, Turbo Pascal).

I developed and implemented control systems for production of animal feeds (assembler, C).

I developed a multiterminal real-time system for automatic registration of miners with high level of data protection (C).

I developed and implemented a complete firmware system for fast data acquisition and technology control "INO" for Instar ITS Ostrava. This consisted of analysis and design of the whole system, firmware for all types of PLCs, inter- and intra-PLC data transfers, drivers for memory sharing PC cards handling the RS485 protocol, development of proprietary transfer protocol that is extremely interference resistant, time sync of the whole network based on DCF. The system is successfully working in many major industrial plants all over the country (Škoda Plzeň, Škoda Mladá Boleslav and many others) (C, assembler).

I performed the English localization of their "Energis" system including the help and web pages.

Inorga (Ostrava, 1983 - 1990)

Senior Programmer/Analyst

Created first prototype of graphic editor for the M-technology (C).

Took part in development of multiterminal real-time system for monitoring of coal extraction (assembler, PL/M). Used one of my real-time executives here.

Created real-time system for control and administration of pit-furnaces: technology control, multiterminal subsystem for material flow control (assembler, C).

Real-time system for energy monitoring for major ironworks: the monitoring system itself including data transfer to PC, modified microcomputer hardware and minor hack of Pascal MT to load overlays from an EPROM-disc Pascal, assembler).

I developed and implemented several real-time executives for 8080/Z80 based microcontrollers; this equipment had been fairly new in that era and I needed to find out what was the platform capable of (assembler).

ÚAVT / Kancelářské stroje (Ostrava, 1981 - 1982)

Computer Tech

I started with 8080-based microcomputer systems and DEC minicomputers and out of sheer curiosity I started dabbling in software and there you go, still dabbling.


UP Olomouc, Faculty of Natural Sciences (optoelectronics)

Personal Data

Born 16. 2. 1957, divorced, no kids.